Volunteer work in New Zealand

Whether after graduation or during your studies, a voluntary service in New Zealand is a valuable additional qualification and work experience which could give fresh input. You are able to support an environmental project or do social work and further develop your personality.

Our voluntary service program is focused on your personal goals and experiences. You could partake in projects with local sanctuaries, animal shelters, primary schools or refugee centers. The aim is to either sustain and protect the native flora and fauna or to get involved in the local community. This is your way of giving back during your unforgettable adventure.

Naturally, we guarantee you a New Zealand voluntary service placement before your arrival in New Zealand, making sure that you know exactly for whom you are going to work and what kind of activities you will accomplish during you voluntary service in New Zealand.


790 Euro

(further 500 Euro for a second volunteering placement)

Project examples

Plenty of examples for project placements we have arranged in New Zealand in the past – and could again arrange for you!

Tasks: The volunteer will work in a team of teachers with children aged 6-8 years. The volunteer will provide support for children and teachers by assisting with lessons, supervising groups of children and being helpful in the classrooms.

Requirements: The volunteer should have a desire to work with children and to help them grow in positive ways.

Duration: min. 1 school term (usually 10 weeks); not possible during the New Zealand summer holidays (mid December until end of January)

Location: Nelson, Wellington, Christchurch

Tasks: Become familiar with the different activities being undertaken by volunteers at the sanctuary and work alongside other volunteers. Work to further the sanctuary’s vision of a fenced pest free forest for the enjoyment of all visitors. Help at events to promote the sanctuary to the public.

Requirements: The employer would like the candidate to be interested in the outdoors and conservation, be physically fit, be enthusiastic, be a clear communicator, show initiative, be able to work independently at times, appreciate and promote the need for a sanctuary and the vision of community conservation and advocacy.

Duration: min. 8 weeks

Location: Nelson

Tasks: The volunteer would gain experience working with young children in a New Zealand early childhood setting. They would be expected to become familiar with the organisation policies and the regulations under which early childhood services operate in New Zealand. The volunteer would act under the guidance of the head teacher of the Kindergarten. Typical tasks would include supporting the teaching and learning programme, helping with tidying tasks, and participating in planning and learning conversations where necessary.

Requirements: All volunteers are required to have a current Police Vet and have a successful Identity Check (which can be undertaken in the Association Office). The volunteer will work alongside the teaching team and learn through their modelling and conversations.

Duration: min. 6 weeks

Location: Nelson

Tasks: A zoo is a pretty unique and varied place so the jobs and tasks reflect that. Depending on aptitude and attitude the volunteer will be involved in a wide variety of tasks from general presentation work, assisting in food prep, creative/building tasks (creating enrichment for the animals), help in the gift shop and helping keepers on section where appropriate.

Requirements: Intern ideally should be studying towards a degree in zoology or biology.

Duration: min. 8 weeks

Location: Nelson and Christchurch

Tasks: Assisting with a range of services to help people to take positive action: Recycling Centre, Electronic Waste Recycling, and advice for businesses and organisations on how to reduce waste. Provide information and resources for the public and run community workshops. Also operate a food rescue initiative that collects surplus food and distributes it to charities to give to people in need.

Requirements: A commitment to environmental sustainability and ability to work as part of a team. Good knowledge of written and spoken English.

Duration: min. 12 weeks

Location: Nelson

Tasks: The community center connects people from the local community with health services and activities promoting health and wellbeing. Key tasks include reception cover, general administration, gardening, room set up and pack down, any other general duties as required.

Requirements: English language skills, community involvement, general administrative and people skills.

Duration: min. 8 weeks

Location: Nelson

Tasks: The volunteer will help a teacher by resource preparation and in-class support of students, assist extra-curricular programmes, translating and mentoring support of a German national.

Requirements: Ability to embrace new opportunities, willingness to contribute to the teaching of values of the school, positive outlook and an engaging personality.

Duration: min. 1 school term (usually 10 weeks); not possible during the New Zealand summer holidays (mid December until end of January)

Location: Nelson, Wellington, Auckland

Tasks: The volunteer will be involved in a wide variety of tasks: general presentation work, assisting in food prep, creative/building tasks, helping keepers.

Requirements: Ability to listen and follow instructions, be punctual and hard working.

Duration: min. 4 weeks

Location: Nelson

Our services

  • Support, help and advice from an on-site Auszeit Neuseeland team member before departure and during your stay

Before your arrival in New Zealand:

  • Assistance with your curriculum vitae for your voluntary placement applications in New Zealand
  • Organisation of a volunteering placement in New Zealand prior to your arrival in NZ
  • Employment agreement with the volunteer organisation
  • Booking of all flights (international and domestic) with various stopover options, upon request (flight costs not included in price)
  • Guidance with the (Working Holiday) Visa application (by our team in Germany; visa costs not included in price)
  • Assistance with getting the right travel insurance
  • Auszeit Neuseeland manual incl. travel checklist

After your arrival in New Zealand:

  • Voluntary service NZ introductory meeting (only in Nelson or Wellington)
  • Welcome information package including a SIM card  (Mini-, Micro- or Nano-SIM possible)
  • Assistance with opening a New Zealand bank account
  • 24 hour emergency hotline
  • Luggage storage at our Nelson office
  • Regular newsletter with leisure tips as well as information on travel
  • Detailed advice on your travel plans in New Zealand
  • New Zealand voluntary service certificate from your employer
  • certificate of participation

Contact person in New Zealand

Auszeit Neuseeland Ansprechpartner Benny

Benny Horst

Auszeit Neuseeland Director
Tel.: +64 (0)3 929 5645
Skype: auszeit_5

Requirements, visa, tips

  • A high level of English – to verify this we require the submission of the following qualifications: IELTS or Cambridge certificate, time spent in an English speaking country or a high grade in English on your school certificate. If none of the above documents can be provided, you are able to attend New Zealand language course.
  • Please note that our New Zealand voluntary placements are in fact voluntary, so you will have to provide for your own food and accommodation (e.g. living with one of our New Zealand host families). Due to your Working Holiday Visa you will be able to partly support yourself with a casual job while partaking in your voluntary project.
  • For an intensive New Zealand work experience you should schedule at least eight weeks for your voluntary placement.
  • Within your application please state precisely in which area you would like to complete your New Zealand voluntary project – this is the only way we can find a suitable placement for you.

For volunteering in New Zealand you must qualify for a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa. Most Working Holiday Visa are valid for 12 months (e.g. for Germans) or 6 months (e.g. for Austrians) after the day of your entry. It is possible to leave and re-enter New Zealand during this time. However for a Working Holiday Visa you may apply only once in a lifetime.


  • Application (online) and visa fee payment
  • German passport, which is valid 3 months after the intended date of departure from New Zealand
  • Proof of funds of NZ$4200
  • Proof of a valid and paid flight ticket including proof of leaving New Zealand

Please note: All info on visas has been compiled by our team in Germany without claim to be complete or correct. For details on New Zealand visas please visit www.immigration.govt.nz

Compose your own time abroad in New Zealand: You can choose from our modules Work & Travel, Internship, Language Course, Voluntary Service, Au-Pair, Demi-Pair or Study. Services such as Homestay, Travel and Insurance can be added. You choose what suits your needs and requirements – we offer flexible packages.

Your itinerary could look like this:

29.08. – Departure from your home country

31.08. – Arrival in New Zealand, pick-up at Nelson airport and transfer to your host family

31.08. until 03.12. – Accommodation with a host family in Nelson for 13 weeks and 3 nights (incl. board)

01.09. – Participate in our intro-meeting, meet other travellers.

05.09. until 02.12. – 12 weeks Cambridge certificate course incl. exam

03.12. until 07.01. – Travel around New Zealand, Transport by Hop-on-Hop-off-Bus

07.01. until 04.03. – Accommodation with a host family in Nelson for 8 weeks (incl. board)

09.01. until 03.03. – Volunteering at the animal shelter

04.03. – Fly home

… or else? You choose, we organise an individual trip!

Search scholarship databases: On the internet you find a number of databases which detail various scholarships.

Setting up a group of sponsors: By establishing a group of private sponsors, made up of friends, relatives, public figures (local politicians), local businesses and institutions (churches, clubs etc.) you can receive a monthly income to support your trip abroad. Make the group of sponsors as large as you like.

Study leave and tax deductibility: In some circumstances, you can claim an internship as educational leave and have the tax written off.

Deadlines and application process for the volunteering programme in New Zealand

You should apply as early as possible so that we can thoroughly search for a placement that suits your needs and wishes. In addition, you will need some time to assemble your application documents. Your application, however, should be made at least three months before your desired start date.