Everything in New Zealand is a little different to Europe: While the Kiwis (how the New Zealanders call themselves) enjoy the summer sunshine, most people in Europe freeze in below zero temperatures. While the Europeans are tucked up in their cosy beds, the Kiwis are already busy working and studying. Even the water in the shower runs in the opposite direction (counter clockwise). A topsy-turvy world? Yes, but a wonderful one! It is worthwhile discovering this corner of the planet.

New Zealand ranks among the most developed countries in the world, is politically stable and therefore considered a very safe destination. It is easy to feel immediately at home in New Zealand. Somehow everything looks familiar – the way of life of the people and the daily routine. The Kiwis embrace travellers have made the long journey to discover their country and you will easily find yourself in a conversation about this and that. You will quickly learn to understand other points of view and have an open mind to new ideas.

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