Flights to and from New Zealand

We are happy to arrange your flight to and from New Zealand. Choose when and where you would like to depart and arrive. And if you feel like a few days in Singapore, Los Angeles, Dubai or Sydney, no problem, let us know, and we will make it happen. Our New Zealand flight offers are non-binding, but we are confident we can fly you to New Zealand for a good price.


On request. We are happy to make an individual offer – simply fill in the flight details in our enrolment form.


  • The total flight time from central Europe to New Zealand is between 25 and 30 hours. Depending on the number and duration of stops, the travel time can be significantly longer.
  • You have the option to fly to New Zealand either via Asia (e.g. with a stopover in Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore or Hong Kong) or via North America (e.g. with a stopover in San Francisco, Los Angeles or Vancouver). Choose to combine the two routes for the outward and return flights, and you can circumnavigate the whole world!
  • Stroll over the Golden Gate Bridge, surf on Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach, shop in Dubai’s enormous malls, or marvel at Shanghai’s skyline. If you fly around the world, you should decide whether you would like to stay longer at one of the stopovers. Airlines offer stopover programs with cheap and very interesting options.
  • Baggage for flights to New Zealand in Economy class is usually limited to only one suitcase with a weight limit between 20-30kg and 7-8kg for hand luggage. With longer stays, many of our participants have parcels of clothing or other personal items sent to them in New Zealand.


Contact person in New Zealand

Auszeit Neuseeland Jule Kley

Jule Kley

Auszeit Neuseeland Coordinator
Tel.: +64 (0)3 929 5645
Skype: auszeit_5

Dates / deadlines

The earlier you book your New Zealand flights, the cheaper it usually is!

With most airlines flights to New Zealand can only be booked up to one year in advance though. For example, if you want to do a full year of Work & Travel in New Zealand and the return date is not yet available, we recommend you book the latest possible date. Upon arrival in New Zealand we can change the return flight to your desired date of departure (for which airlines only charge a small fee). This is usually a much cheaper option than buying a separate return ticket.