English courses in New Zealand

Discover New Zealand and improve your English along the way. Whether you attend your very first English course in New Zealand, you are after an international certificate or would like to develop your professional skills through a Business English course – we will create an individual package for you as we offer English classes in prestigious language schools all over New Zealand.

Personally and professionally studying in New Zealand will benefit you: You will make new friends, learn about other cultures and develop more independence and tolerance. In today’s business world, employees need to be fluent in English. Those who can demonstrate international experience will improve their chances of finding a job.

At all our partner language schools a recreational program is offered, so that during your study abroad you are able to meet new friends and discover the beautiful New Zealand.

Schools, courses and prices

If you want to study English in a relaxed atmosphere the language school in Nelson is perfect for you. The school shines with highly qualified teachers, small learning groups and well furnished classrooms.

Located in the city centre of Nelson, the school offers effective learning in standard and intensive courses as well as a number of certificate courses.

The lessons balance listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as grammar, vocabulary exercises and pronunciation skills. Particularly important is the teacher’s personal attention to each student. Thanks to the small classes, intensive support is possible and the students have plenty of opportunity to speak.

In addition to teaching, the school offers a recreational program with interesting excursions to discover New Zealand and meet new people. Thus settling in a new environment is made easy.


  • maximum of 12 students per class
  • modern teaching methods for effective learning
  • cosy class and common rooms
  • regular recreational and outdoor programs
  • international student mix
  • free Wifi

General English Standard (part-time, mornings, 15 hours/week)230 Euro / per week
General English Intensive (full time, 23 hours/week)315 Euro / per week
General English incl. IELTS exam preparation (4 weeks):1260 Euro (exam fee NOT incl.)
Cambridge FCE (12 weeks)4280 Euro (incl. exam fee)
Cambridge CAE (12 weeks)4280 Euro (incl. exam fee)
Enrolment fee for all courses157 Euro
Accommodation with a host family in Nelson (incl. board – breakfast and warm dinner plus lunch on weekends)175 Euro / per week
Homestay placement fee155 Euro

The language school in Wellington offers English courses in conjunction with vibrant life in New Zealand’s capital city.

The school is proud to have Wellington’s largest selection of language courses and leisure activities. There are also programs for Voluntary Service and Demi pair. The courses are adjusted according to the performance level of the students. After class, the school offers a variety of activities including sports, entertainment, games, Maori culture, art, hiking and much more. Many of these activities are free.


  • located in downtown Wellington
  • modern teaching methods for optimised learning
  • large selection of English courses
  • regular recreational and outdoor activities
  • relaxed atmosphere

General English Standard (part-time, mornings, 18 hours per week) – incl. IELTS/TOEIC/TOEFL exam preparation240 Euros / week (exam fee NOT incl.)
General English Standard (part-time, afternoons, 11 hours per week) – incl. IELTS/TOEIC/TOEFL exam preparation175 Euros / week (exam fee NOT incl.)
General English Intensive (full-time, 26 hours per week) – incl. IELTS/TOEIC/TOEFL exam preparation305 Euros / week (exam fee NOT incl.)
Cambridge CAE (full-time)3905 Euros incl. exam fees
enrolment fee for all courses215 Euros
Accommodation with a host family in Wellington (incl. board – breakfast and warm dinner plus lunch on weekends)210 Euros / week (30 Euros / night)
Homestay placement fee215 Euros
Airport pick-up and transfer to host family80 Euros
Materials fee (all courses)70 Euros

The Auszeit partner language school in Auckland is located in a historic building in the city centre. Students will find beautiful parks nearby.

Since 1978 the school has been successfully teaching English to students from all over the world. It is very proud of its „Learning Centre“, which is equipped with computers, listening stations and study areas. Here students can revise the lesson content. Teachers are available for any questions that may arise. Learning English is made really easy; students have access to DVDs with English language films, books and magazines. Contact with fellow students is made easy through learning groups. During free time the school in Auckland offers lots of different activities. Every day offers include sports, culture and art. The school also invites students to partake in short trips and extra activities.


  • maximum 12 students per class
  • modern Learning Centre with support from teachers after class
  • learning in a comfortable environment with a historic touch
  • large variety of regular leisure activities and weekend trips

General English Standard (part-time)245 Euros / week
General English Intensive (full-time)315 Euros / week
English for Business (part-time)245 Euros / week
English for Business (full-time)315 Euros / week
Cambridge FCE (12 weeks)4205 Euros incl.exam fee
Cambridge CAE (12 weeks)4205 Euros incl. exam fee
Enrolment fee for all courses150 Euros
Accommodation with a host family in Auckland (incl. board – breakfast and warm dinner plus lunch on weekends)210 Euros / week (30 Euros / night)
Homestay placement fee155 Euros
Airport pick-up and transfer to host family82 Euros
Materials fee (all courses)60 Euros

The language school in Christchurch is located on the campus of the renowned Canterbury University. For over 20 years the school has been successfully teaching English to international students in General English Courses as well as various certificate courses.

The school operates in more than 20 classrooms and has special facilities for self-studying as well as for listening comprehension. Moreover, students are welcomed to use the library, the cafeteria and the sports facilities of the university.


  • small classes with a maximum of 12 students
  • highly qualified teachers including Cambridge and IELTS examiners
  • great variety of leisure activities and trips on the weekends are offered regularly
  • free Wifi

General English Standard (part-time, 15 hours per week)218 Euros / week
General English Intensive (full-time, 23 hours per week)290 Euros / week
IELTS exam preparation (full-time)290 Euros / week
Business English (full-time)290 Euros / week
Cambridge FCE (12 weeks)3712 Euros incl. exam fees
Cambridge CAE (12 weeks)3712 Euros incl. exam fees
Enrolment and material fees for all courses180 Euros
Cambridge course book fee50 Euros
Cambridge certificate courier fee43 Euros
Accommodation with a host family in Christchurch (incl. board – breakfast and warm dinner plus lunch on weekends)210 Euros / week (30 Euros / night)
Homestay placement fee215 Euros
Airport pick-up and transfer to host family35 Euros

Our partner language school in Queenstown offers a wide range of English courses such as General English, international certificate courses and even English language courses which can be combined with ski, snowboard and adventures activities.

The teachers are very competent and very experienced with international students. The school is very proud of its familiar atmosphere where longlasting contacts and friendships are easily made.


  • big, bright and modern classrooms
  • lounge with free WIFI and a great view on the mountains
  • gym located in the same building
  • high success rate in exams

General English Standard (part-time, 15 hours per week)225 Euros / week
General English Intensive (full-time, 25 hours per week)290 Euros / week
IELTS exam preparation (full-time)290 Euros / week (exam fee NOT incl.)
Cambridge FCE (12 weeks)3755 Euros incl. materials & exam fees
Cambridge CAE (12 weeks)3755 Euros incl. materials & exam fees
Enrolment fee for all courses179 Euros
Accommodation with a host family in Queenstown (incl. board – breakfast and warm dinner plus lunch on weekends)245 Euros / week (35 Euros / night)
Homestay placement fee179 Euros

(all prices subject to change)

* Cambridge courses usually run for 12 weeks. However, between the Christmas holidays and the internationally determined examination date the language schools are forced to teach the course within 9 or 10 weeks. Therefore courses starting at the beginning of January are usually shorter and cheaper but there is more homework and you have to study harder. Other courses not starting in January always have a length of 12 weeks and cannot be booked as a 9 or 10 week course.

Language courses – differences

In General English courses you experience weekly rotating topics with new vocabulary and grammar. General English courses are offered throughout the whole year. New students can start every Monday and can stay as long as they wish. On the first day the language school conducts a short assessment to determine your language level. In accordance to the result you will attend a class with the appropriate language level. There is no final exam at the end of the course and no internationally recognized certificate but you will receive a certificate of participation with a classification of your current English language level. The general English course can be attended part-time (“standard”) or full-time (“intensive”).

Cambridge FCE and CAE
FCE stands for „First Certificate in English” whereas CAE is the abbreviation for “Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English”. These certificates are well recognised in international business as well as at many renowned universities. The course usually runs for a period of 12 weeks. The examination dates are normally in March, June and December.

IELTS = International English Language Testing System
The IELTS exam was also developed by the Cambridge university. IELTS rates your English language skills on a scale ranging from 0-9. International universities demand a certain minimum level as a condition for their degree programmes.

TOEFL = Test of English as a Foreign Language
The TOEFL test is the American counterpart to the IELTS and is required of non native English speakers by American universities (and sometimes by universities in England). For some international degree programmes in Germany you also have to proof your English language level in form of an IELTS or TOEFL.  The exams can be sat multiple times and the certificate is valid for two years.

TOEIC = Test of English for International Communication
TOEIC proofs your level and competence in international business English. The exam comprises 200 multiple choice questions testing your listening and reading comprehension. There is no oral exam. This test is mainly recognized in France and Japan.

Our services

  • Support, help and advice from an on-site team member before departure and during your stay

Before your arrival in New Zealand:

  • Placement in a New Zealand language school of your choice for a New Zealand language course
  • Your language course will be tailored to your level, for example; basic course, intensive course or certificate course (IELTS, Cambridge).
  • Combination of various New Zealand locations during your language travel
  • Flight reservation (international and domestic) with various stopover options (flight costs not included in price)
  • For language courses lasting longer than 3 months, assistance with applying for a New Zealand Student Visa (by our team in Germany; visa costs not included in price)
  • Placement in a host family in New Zealand or advice on finding an apartment, hostel or flat on request (costs not included)

After your arrival in New Zealand:

  • Welcome info pack
  • Participation in various leisure activities at the New Zealand language school (costs not included)
  • 24 hour emergency hotline
  • Regular newsletter
  • Luggage storage at our Nelson office
  • Detailed advice for travel planning in New Zealand

Contact person in New Zealand

Auszeit Neuseeland Ansprechpartner Benny

Benny Horst

Auszeit Neuseeland Director
Tel.: +64 (0)3 929 5645
Skype: auszeit_5

Visa, Tips

If your New Zealand language course or holiday is longer than 3 months, you must pre-apply for a visa (a 3 months visitor visa is usually issued on arrival). If the duration of the course exceeds 3 months then an application for a student visa must be made before your NZ language study.

Please note: All info on visas has been compiled by our team in Germany without claim to be complete or correct. For details on New Zealand visas please visit www.immigration.govt.nz

  • Learning English where it is spoken is a key factor for a great language experience.
  • International language certificates are used worldwide by educational institutions and companies as proof of qualified language skills.
  • When staying with a host family you can deepen your knowledge of English and learn to apply it within kiwi daily life.
  • A part-time New Zealand language course usually runs from 9am to 12pm, a full-time New Zealand language course usually from 9am to 3pm (incl. lunch break; on Fridays lessons run only until 12pm)
  • Language schools in new Zealand always charge their students for an entire week of course, even if the week includes a public holiday (unfortunately no discount will be given)

Search scholarship databases: On the internet you find a number of databases which detail various scholarships.

Setting up a group of sponsors: By establishing a group of private sponsors, made up of friends, relatives, public figures (local politicians), local businesses and institutions (churches, clubs etc.) you can receive a monthly income to support your trip abroad. Make the group of sponsors as large as you like.

Study leave and tax deductibility: If you plan to attend a language course as part of your travel abroad, in some circumstances, you can claim it as educational leave and have the tax written off.


At the suggestion of Study Nelson I attended a 3 weeks Intensive English course at the Nelson English Centre. At first I was a bit skeptical because I had attended a 5 weeks Standard Spanish course in Malaga through another agency organization and was not very impressed with that.

However from day one I felt very welcomed at the Nelson English Centre. On arrival my name was written on a welcome-board and someone from the school looked after me. We were given a little grammar test and the school rules (Speak English only please!) were explained to us. Everything was well organized and I was immediately assigned to a class.

During the first week I could already change to another class, where we had more conversations rather than just learning grammar, which was more suitable for me. Diana was the teacher in this class and she did an awesome job. We learnt “Street English” and New Zealand manners. During the grammar lessons she gave me some extra work, e.g. I had to give a lecture (speaking), plan excursions (searching, reading), make phone calls (listening) and get information from the tourist information centre (speaking, listening).  After this great week I was able to change to an even higher class, which I also enjoyed as my teachers Trudy and Rae in this class were awesome, too. Both are very creative and always funny.

I didn’t participate in many of the weekend activities offered by the Nelson English Centre, because I had planned traveling after finishing my NZ language course, but all students always enjoyed the trips.

I didn’t live with a New Zealand host family myself, but I had the opportunity to get to know one family through a friend. They invited me over for dinner, were always interested in what I am doing and they gave me the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with them.

I have learned a lot at the Nelson English Centre. Overall they gave me more self-confidence in speaking English. The lessons were very funny, well organized and they always found new ways to explain things. We always had the opportunity to ask questions and there is a good relationship between teachers and students. The teachers make sure that every student is in an appropriate class – otherwise you can change classes. The whole team was always friendly and tried to help you in every way; it is obvious that they like their jobs.

In general I had a great time at the Nelson English Centre. I made lots of good friends, did not only learn English, but also about different cultures, and through this English Course it was easier to adjust in Nelson, because you’re not feeling alone. I want to say thank you to Study Nelson for giving me the opportunity to have this great experience.

Our Auszeit-Neuseeland-participant Ferdinand has collected his best moments in New Zealand in this blog.

Dates / registration

Applications for New Zealand language courses are always possible. However, places in some courses are limited. Early registration will guarantee your desired spot. If we book a flight for you, you should sign up as soon as possible, because the cheapest flights always sell out first.