Stay with a New Zealand host family

Placement in a New Zealand host family provides a unique opportunity to experience the Kiwi culture and lifestyle first hand, while improving your English skills.
Auszeit Neuseeland cooperates with carefully selected host families, who are well experienced and enjoy accommodating foreign guests and integrating them into their family life. New Zealanders are very welcoming people, whose openness and willingness to help make arriving in New Zealand much easier.

Feedback from one of our host families: „We really feel that our experience of being part of the Auszeit Neuseeland family has changed the course of our lives and been so rewarding. Nearly all of the students who have stayed with us are an ongoing part of our lives and we cannot imagine life without them now.“


The prices for accommodation with a New Zealand host family vary by location:

LocationPrice per weekPrice per nightPlacement feePrice for transfer from airport to host family
Nelson175 Euro25 Euro155 Euroinclusive
Auckland210 Euro30 Euro155 Euro82 Euro
Wellington210 Euro30 Euro215 Euro80 Euro
Christchurch210 Euro30 Euro215 Euro35 Euro
Queenstown245 Euro35 Euro179 Europlease enquire

For prices for other specific locations please contact us.

Our services

  • Support, help and advice from an on-site team member before departure and during your stay

Before your arrival in New Zealand:

  • We can provide you with carefully selected, experienced host families in every major city in New Zealand.

After your arrival in New Zealand:

  • Airport pickup and transfer to your New Zealand host family (additional costs apply)
  • Information pack on arrival in New Zealand
  • Accommodation in a private room
  • Meals (Breakfast and hot dinner, plus lunch on weekends)
  • 24 hour emergency hotline
  • Newsletter with info about travel and leisure activities in New Zealand
  • Detailed advice for travel planning in New Zealand

Contact person in New Zealand

Auszeit Neuseeland Ansprechpartner Benny

Benny Horst

Auszeit Neuseeland Director
Tel.: +64 (0)3 929 5645
Skype: auszeit_5


At the suggestion of Study Nelson I attended a 3 weeks Intensive English course at the Nelson English Centre. At first I was a bit skeptical because I had attended a 5 weeks Standard Spanish course in Malaga through another agency organization and was not very impressed with that.

However from day one I felt very welcomed at the Nelson English Centre. On arrival my name was written on a welcome-board and someone from the school looked after me. We were given a little grammar test and the school rules (Speak English only please!) were explained to us. Everything was well organized and I was immediately assigned to a class.

During the first week I could already change to another class, where we had more conversations rather than just learning grammar, which was more suitable for me. Diana was the teacher in this class and she did an awesome job. We learnt “Street English” and New Zealand manners. During the grammar lessons she gave me some extra work, e.g. I had to give a lecture (speaking), plan excursions (searching, reading), make phone calls (listening) and get information from the tourist information centre (speaking, listening).  After this great week I was able to change to an even higher class, which I also enjoyed as my teachers Trudy and Rae in this class were awesome, too. Both are very creative and always funny.

I didn’t participate in many of the weekend activities offered by the Nelson English Centre, because I had planned traveling after finishing my NZ language course, but all students always enjoyed the trips.

I didn’t live with a New Zealand host family myself, but I had the opportunity to get to know one family through a friend. They invited me over for dinner, were always interested in what I am doing and they gave me the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with them.

I have learned a lot at the Nelson English Centre. Overall they gave me more self-confidence in speaking English. The lessons were very funny, well organized and they always found new ways to explain things. We always had the opportunity to ask questions and there is a good relationship between teachers and students. The teachers make sure that every student is in an appropriate class – otherwise you can change classes. The whole team was always friendly and tried to help you in every way; it is obvious that they like their jobs.

In general I had a great time at the Nelson English Centre. I made lots of good friends, did not only learn English, but also about different cultures, and through this English Course it was easier to adjust in Nelson, because you’re not feeling alone. I want to say thank you to Study Nelson for giving me the opportunity to have this great experience.

Our Auszeit-Neuseeland-participant Ferdinand has collected his best moments in New Zealand in this blog.

Dates / application

You should apply for accommodation with a host family well in advance, so that we can pair your wishes and needs with a suitable host family. At the latest, you should send your application 2 months before your scheduled arrival in New Zealand.