Gap Year in New Zealand

Assisted training program for school leavers aged 17 and over

Graduated from school but not 18 years old yet and hence too young for a working holiday or au pair abroad? Through our Gap Year program you can still enjoy your educational year at the most beautiful end of the world!

After graduating from school at a young age many teenagers do not feel quite ready to start studying. There is also the fear of pursuing a wrong career direction. Good reasons why a stay abroad at this age makes sense. In addition to solidifying the language skills you have the chance to taste a future career. Between graduating from school and stressful seriousness of (work) life, why not take time to mature and learn to stand on your own feet properly, dive into another culture and become a world citizen!

Attend New Zealand high school, study 3D animation or marine biology for a single semester, polish your English skills with a language certificate, complete an  internship, explore New Zealand, and once you turned 18 add a working holiday or time as an au pair – all this is possible through our „Gap Year New Zealand“ programs.

Auszeit Neuseeland differs from other organizations through a personal support program and the company’s main office on site in Nelson, New Zealand. This gives the participants (and their parents) safety and personal care through a permanent local contact!

Programs and prices

Graduates have the unique possibility to connect a school attendance at a New Zealand high school with a voluntary internship. Study interesting subjects, make new friends, take part in sports and cultural activities and learn the New Zealand way of live through living with a host family!

High School + Homestay

Duration: 3-12 months
Start: January, April, July, October
Price: from 5500 Euros

Minimum age: 16 years

  • High school basic program or assisted high school program with school of your choice
  • Accommodation & meals with a host family

High School + Internship + Homestay

Duration: 6-12 months
Start: July, October, January
Price: from 7795 Euros
Minimum age: 17 years and older, at the beginning of the internship 18 years

Program description:

  • High School: from July, October or January
  • Internship: 8, 12 or 20 weeks from October, January or April
  • Accommodation & meals with a host family (except during the holidays)

Achieve an internationally recognized English certificate at a prestigious language school – new friends and fantastic leisure program included. Accommodation is with an experienced New Zealand host family. And after your 18th birthday, round off the program with a voluntary internship .

Language Course + Internship + Homestay

Duration: 6 months
Start : September , January
Price : from 8450 , – Euros
Minimum age: 17 years

Program description:

  • Cambridge certificate language courses: September to December or January to April
  • Holidays: December and January – travel around New Zealand during this time
  • Internship: 8 , 12 or 20 weeks from January or April
  • Accommodation and meals with a host family ( except during the holidays )

Subsequently to our other Gap Year programs you can (if you are over 18) participate in our Work & Travel or Au pair program.

Duration: 1 – 12 Months
Price : Work & Travel 590 Euros ; Au pair 490 Euros
Minimum age: 18 years when starting Work & Travel or Au pair

Additional programs:

The following supplementary programs may be booked:

  • Supervised group flight , in July or January for around 2400 Euros
  • Homestay accommodation during the holidays from 175 Euros per week
  • Holiday travel

Contact person in New Zealand

Auszeit Neuseeland Ansprechpartner Benny

Benny Horst

Auszeit Neuseeland Director
Tel.: +64 (0)3 929 5645
Skype: auszeit_5

Requirements, visa, tips

  • Participants of the Gap Year including high school must be 16 years old. Younger students may participate upon request.
  • Participants of the Gap Year including language course must be at least 17 years old.
  • Participants of the Gap Year including Work & Travel or Au pair must be at least 18 years old at the beginning of the Work & Travel or Au pair.
  • At the beginning of the Au Pair program and the Work & Travel program participants must be 18 years old and have a working holiday visa .
  • If you stay in New Zealand for more than 3 months either a student visa or an extended visitor visa must be applied for in advance. The visa fees are not included in the program price.

Note : All information on visas is provided by our team in Germany without any claim to correctness and completeness. Detailed information on

The idea of a gap year in New Zealand is that you compose your own program: You can choose from our modules Work & Travel, Internship, Language Course, Voluntary Service, Au-Pair, Demi-Pair or Study. Services such as Homestay, Travel and Insurance can be added. You choose what suits your needs and requirements – we offer flexible packages.

Your itinerary could look like this:

29.08. – Departure from your home country

31.08. – Arrival in New Zealand, pick-up at Nelson airport and transfer to your host family

31.08. until 03.12. – Accommodation with a host family in Nelson for 13 weeks and 3 nights (incl. board)

01.09. – Participate in our intro-meeting, meet other travellers.

05.09. until 02.12. – 12 weeks Cambridge certificate course incl. exam

03.12. until 07.01. – Travel around New Zealand, Transport by Hop-on-Hop-off-Bus

07.01. until 04.03. – Accommodation with a host family in Nelson for 8 weeks (incl. board)

09.01. until 03.03. – Internship at a Sanctuary

04.03. – Fly home

… or else? You choose, we organise an individual trip!


You should apply as early as possible for a gap year in New Zealand. At the latest we should receive your enrolment three months prior to the desired arrival in New Zealand .

Note that there are fixed start dates for the programs including Cambridge certificate courses.